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CCAA 2013 “Examining the interplay between spirituality and professional counselling” in Counselling Connections Across Australia  Edition 4

The ethical requirements of professional counselling are a fundamental reality. However, for the counsellor with a spiritual faith commitment a way must be recognised in which professional life is held in dialogue with personal experience.  The method of Theological Reflection (from Whitehead & Whitehead 1995) is a tool to help foster greater honesty and transparency.  This tool can be used effectively in group supervision and professional development.  It addresses the complex needs of Christian Counsellors working with professional integrity.



ACATA 2009 -Mosaic Making with children

Mosaic making has great intellectual appeal for me as a symbol of the integration of broken pieces of life into new wholeness.

On the practical side the effects are stunning; the children are proud to take the work home as a reminder of the therapy experience.  As with all creative experiences the client takes the lead but to stimulate interest I have a small arrangements of mosaics on the studio wall.  This often provides the impetus “Wow they look great, can I make one?”

Then the thinking begins- “what kind of animal fish or bird would you be?”  “Can you draw it- or find some ideas on the web to help?”  “What kind of key words to identify your piece of work?”  The making time is a shared time of discovery and a respectful space allowing a focus on the child.

Practical details- the design is transferred from paper to 3 ply.  For health and safety reasons I cut the shape and prepare the glass – then the child can apply the pieces using tile glue (with gloves) – the following week the grouting is mixed and applied.

The process is creative but also disciplined because of the sharp edges.  There is joyful enthusiasm mixed with cautious respect for the medium- maybe another image of life.

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The early years are vital . . . with loving care, helpful and calming hormones are released, more receptors for these hormones develop, and a template for future emotional experiences is set up.   Graham Music