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PhD 2005 - Australian Catholic University (Education Faculty – children’s spiritual development)
Thesis - Investigating the meaning and function of prayer for children in various schools – Catholic, Christian, Government, Independent, Islamic and Jewish.

Master of Arts (Creative Arts Therapy)  - Melbourne Institute

Master of Arts  1999 (Philosophy & Religion) -   London University  U.K..
Thesis- Linking moral development and religious education

Master of Arts  2008 (Creative Art Therapy) Melbourne Institute of Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy                                                                                         
Thesis- Analysis of experience in a time of transition

Master of Arts 2014 (Theology)  - University of Divinity   
Thesis- Children and the church- Jesus brings the child to a place in the middle.

Graduate Certificate in Supervision 2016 - University of Divinity.

Bachelor of Theology 1993 - Melbourne University, Vic. 

Bachelor of Education 1984 -  Deakin University, Vic. 

Grad. Cert. Student Welfare and Guidance   - A.C.U.

Grad. Dip. Multicultural Ed -  Armidale, N.S.W. 

Registration with:

Australasia Pacific Play Therapy Association (Clinical Member)

Association of Personal Counsellors  (Clinical member)

Christian Counsellors Association of Aust (Clinical member)

Association of Creative Arts Therapists Australia

Australasia Pacific Play Therapy Association

Psychoanalytic and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA Reg. 20508)

The early years are vital . . . with loving care, helpful and calming hormones are released, more receptors for these hormones develop, and a template for future emotional experiences is set up.   Graham Music