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Professional Supervision

Supervision has long been a requirement for many in the helping professions.  This is part of their regular professional practice.   In recent times the requirement for supervision is expanding into many areas of Christian Ministry as a way to enhance professional transparency in therapeutic relationships.

Professional Supervision

What is Supervision?

  • A collaborative process of two peers together looking for better practice with a focus on the personal and professional development of one of them.
  • A creative process because it involves deep and multi-faceted reflective engagement.
  • A safe and restful, space in which supervisees are able to untangle emotions, explore solutions, strengthen therapeutic skills and develop holistic self care.

There are three major aspects in supervision:

Management- providing practical checking on workload and expectations
Supportive- using encouragement in a dynamic relationship of trust with benefits in debriefing and resourcing, where emotional issues can be discussed
Educational- concerned with teaching and learning, sharing ideas and skills.

Vivienne Mountain comes from wide experience in Education, Chaplaincy, and Counselling.  She offers both Individual and Group supervision.
Individual Supervision can be face to face or on line.
Supervision Groups are available as a serries of three sessions per semester.

Contact Vivienne for details

Vivienne is registered as a Professional Supervisor with: the Christian Counsellors Association of Australia, the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia and the Australian Association of Supervision.  The Ethical Standards and Codes of Conduct of these associations underlie her practice.


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The early years are vital . . . with loving care, helpful and calming hormones are released, more receptors for these hormones develop, and a template for future emotional experiences is set up.   Graham Music